Condos for Sale Bangkok

At Rent it Bkk we always have a number of properties available for sale, it is best to contact us with your budget and requirements and we can help you find the property you want. We also specialize in investment portfolio management for overseas buyers.
Read on and you will see that you do not need to juggle numerous contacts to facilitate the purchase of a property in Bangkok, Rent it Bkk can be your point of contact and offer a comprehensive and professional service.

Rent it Bkk offers a complete property management service, we: source property, assist with sale/purchase and bank transfers, find tenants and respond to maintenance or tenancy issues.

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Buying a Condo in Bangkok

Contrary to popular belief buying a condo in Bangkok is really quite straight forward and the whole process from viewing to purchase and transfer of ownership can be completed in less than 2 weeks.

Order of business would be:

#1 Find a property
#2 Engage a lawyer
#3 Sign purchase agreements and make a deposit
#4 Arrange funds for the purchase
#5 Perform all relevant checks
#6 Meet at the relevant Land Office and transfer ownership

#1. Obviously the first thing is to find a property, this would best be done with the help and advice of a reputable agent. Using a reputable agent with an office, website and reviews, experience and just makes sense and could save you a lot of money.
Contacting, dealing with or buying property from a freelance agent who is not registered, trades illegally has no office is just plain stupid.

#2. Engage a lawyer, obviously if you are not fluent in Thai then you need a lawyer who speaks English clearly and can convey any possible issues.
We can recommend a local lawyer with excellent English skills who has conveyed a large number of properties for us.

#3. Next is the straight forward and customary ‘agreement to purchase’ which basically says that that the owner of the property will sell it and that you will buy it at an agreed price and on a certain date. You will be asked to make a deposit at this point which will be deducted from the total at the transfer office. If you are using a real bonafide company then they may hold this deposit as an intermediary, if you are not working with a real bonafide company I would have to ask why?
This agreement to purchase is required so that you can bring sufficient funds into Thailand if necessary.

#4. Arrange funds for the purchase. If you are bringing a large amount of cash into Thailand you need to provide a reason for the transfer to a bank here in Thailand. The agreement to purchase is used for this.
Our staff can assist you in going to the bank, opening an account and arranging the transfer, the process will necessitate you spending a few hours at the bank if you do not already have a Thai bank account.
Once the transfer arrives you can withdraw the funds in the form of a cashiers check.

#5. There will be a period of approximately one week while checks are made against the property for: ownership, debt and the percentage of foreign ownership at the condominium.

#6. At the date set out in the agreement to purchase everyone meets at the Land Registry and the deal is done, allow at least 2-3 hrs for this process as the office is always busy.

That’s it! You would now be the proud owner of a condo in Bangkok, the process is neither complex, drawn out or risky in any way.